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  • Contact Icubio
    Shenzhen iCubio Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Tel:158 1554 7606

    Fax:158 1554 7606

    Address:11/F,Building A,Qiaode Science & Technology Park,No.7 Road,Hi-Tech Industry, Guangming new District,Shenzhen 518106,China

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    Can I get instant after service?[ 2013-05-23 ]
    Yes! Customer call iCubio service line 400-6350-600, then the customer service department will arrange: a) Remote maintenance guided by iCubio after service technical engineers; b) 48 hours iCubio service engineer on site repair for domestic customer; c) 48 hours iCubio authorized and trained agent service engineer on site repair for overseas customer.
    What is the future of iCubio? May I success if choice to cooperate with iCubio?[ 2013-05-23 ]
    As a new company entered into bio-medical industry, iCubio develop the chemistry analyzer as a basic product, now iCubio are cooperating with global advanced technology , iCubio will develop new products and even world leading technical product in succession...
    How iCubio control the quality of the chemistry analyzer?[ 2013-05-23 ]
    Before production, iCubio choice right suppliers and make evaluation to all components according to the strong SCM (supply chain management) procedure; in production iCubio obey GMP (good manufacturing process) requirement to executive QA system strictly from IQC to IPQC,FQC and OQC, iCubio set up control procedure as 6-Sigma spirit and use ERP-CRM system to manage material;
    Why I should consider iCubio as a choice of chemistry analyzer?[ 2013-05-23 ]
    iCubio offer 12 months guarantee and commit to give most cost performance products. iCubio welcome customers to visit plant, where customers can see the well managed production line and strict quality control plan then have full confidence to the products, and iCubio respect customers and will help customers be away from trouble and enlarge customers'profit.
    If iCubio is a manufacturer?[ 2013-05-23 ]
    Absolutely. iCubio is a manufacturer with registered brand, iCubio has strong R&D capability and good manufacturing process also.
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    Ltd. 11/F, Building A, Qiaode Science & Technology Park, No.7 Road, Hi-Tech Industry ,Guangming new district, Shenzhen, China. 日韩一级高清A片
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